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hi! hello! hallo! Hej! hey! g'day! ¡hola! Mirëdita! Ahalan! Parev! Zdravei! Nei Ho! Dobrý den! Goddag! Goede dag! Hello! Saluton! Hei! Bonjour! Guten Tag! Gia'sou! Aloha! Shalom! Namaste! Jó napot! Halló! Halo! Aksunai! Dia dhuit! Ciao! Kon-nichiwa! An-nyong Ha-se-yo! Salve! Ni hao! Hallo! Dzien' dobry! Olá! Bunã ziua! Zdravstvuyte! Hola! Jambo! Hej! Sa-wat-dee! Merhaba! Vitayu! Xin chào! Hylo! Sholem Aleychem! Sawubona!

beautifully crafted... robustly built.(a rare combination)

Our philosophy

one of the strongest natural fibres known to man, is also used to create some of the most beautiful fabrics.

at silk digital
we create delightful digital experiences to enhance the lives of real people; beautifully crafted... robustly built.

Mantras we live by

Our approach

don't re-invent the wheel

We try to focus on your requirements and the most appropriate way to acheive it. If there's an existing solution to fulfill your brief perfectly, we won't waste time building something from scratch.


Keep it stupid simple. Enough said.

kaizen    改善

The Japanese practice of continuous improvement helps us perfect everything we produce. We constantly look at ways to fine tune our solutions, refine our designs and make our code more efficient.

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(and a whole lot more we can't talk about just yet)

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